S.T.E.P. Intervention Services

Sobriety Taken Extremely Personal


From the very start of our journey Tondra felt like an answer to years of prayer. In the very moment we needed her most she answered our call. She brings with her not only personal experience but a knowledge of how to deal with addiction that is priceless. While our journey is still in the early phase, I feel like we have a lifeline and I can see hope where it has been so hard to find. PLEASE if you have a loved one who suffers from addiction of anything, do not hesitate to contact S.T.E.P. Intervention. Peace and hope are priceless. Tondra offers that and more! ​~Ohio~

Tondra, I can't thank you enough for your wisdom and guidance throughout the intervention. If not for you, my daughter would not be in treatment today.  

You set the stage for a successful intervention. You took the time to understand my family's situation and you kept up to date on my daughter's condition. You knew just when and how we needed to proceed. You are truly gifted at what you do. 

Thank you for giving us HOPE. - Ohio- 2019

Finding Tondra and S.T.E.P. Intervention Services was truly a blessing. Our family had been dealing with the stress involved in how or when to get our loved one to treatment. After the first time speaking with Tondra she was upfront and honest about addiction and what needed to be done. She explained everything so thoroughly and put our minds at ease. Tondra was so professional regarding every detail involved with our intervention. She treated my family and our loved one with respect, dignity and understanding. Our loved one is in treatment now and we are forever grateful for having Tondra touch our lives. ~OHIO~ 

Our family began a journey we never imagined or hoped to travel on- our son became addicted to alcohol and marijuana, for many years we thought he was just encountering road blocks in life: in college, in the work force,

strained and broken friendships and family relationships. It took us a few years to realize that our son's addictions were the cause of his life spiraling downward and out of control.

We are so glad we found S.T.E.P. It gave us hope and encouragement right away. Tondra shares her own personal experiences in a real way; she is humble, confident and full of hope and joy from her own recovery. Her wide knowledge of alcohol and drug addiction, behaviors and symptoms of drug use, rehab centers available, help make her a great interventionist.

The best experience was the day of our son's intervention. **Tondra had already given us the tools we needed to be prepared for our sit down intervention meeting with our son. She was outstanding! She was compassionate, showed tough love, she was warm and embracing but also strong

in determination. Our cries of frustration turned to tears of happiness, heartfelt embraces.... Our son is now in a recovery center, Tondra transported him there and now we hearing great reports from our son and his counselor. Tondra keeps regular contact with the center and with us. She is available to us anytime we have questions or need to talk with her. We cannot thank her enough. We are so thankful God brought us together ~~Virginia~~

Recently, being quite concerned about my grown daughter, I approached Tondra. We discussed the behaviors that I had been seeing in my daughter. We scheduled a meeting to discuss the situation, talk about an intervention, and possible solutions. Tondra arrived at the meeting with an abundance of information – the purpose, how it works, information on what to expect and a variety of treatment plans that would be appropriate. She was very informed about each of the places and her recommended choices. We discussed the various problems and situations that would have to be solved prior to my daughter leaving for treatment and then jumped in to help in a variety of ways. Throughout this time we talked and worked out all the details and then we met a few days prior to the intervention. The intervention went as planned, our daughter was receptive, Tondra was well prepared and our daughter decided to go into a treatment center. Tondra accompanied her there which provided a lot of moral support to her and to us. The next morning Tondra followed up with a report and miscellaneous items.

I would highly recommend Tondra. She showed a high level of competency, dedication and a love for the work and the people that she is dealing with.


My family and I would like to thank Tondra on the wonderful service she provided for us and our family member. I truly believe if not for Tondras efforts our family member would not be in treatment today. I would whole heartedly recommend Tondra to any family that needs this type of service. I thank God for Tondras love of what she does...it truly is a gift!


" Tondra, we can't thank you enough for the professionalism, wisdom, and heart that you put into working with our family. You were a guardian angel to our son and a critical component in getting him into treatment. You have a special gift of helping people get on the road to recovery. We strongly recommend S.T.E.P. Intervention Services. You help save lives!!

Donna ~ Ohio

"I contacted S.T.E.P. Intervention Services when I thought no one could help my family. Well, thank God for Tondra. She jumped right in and helped us to understand that this is a family disease and now my family is receiving support through 12 step groups and my cousin is in treatment. Hooray for S.T.E.P. Intervention Services

Mary S. ~ Ohio

"I thank GOD for Tondra Frisby and S.T.E.P. Intervention Services for being used as a source of strength, wisdom, counsel,shelter,provision, and deliverance, to my sister. But most importantly, to my family and I, and to the community as a whole. Without S.TE.P. Intervention Services being prepared and placed in our lives, we could have all missed our window of opportunity to help save my sisters' life. If you need to reach out for help to someone who is tried and true,Tondra Frisby- S.T.E.P. Interventions- is the one. She truly has a gift for saving lives.

 Elder Bridget S. ~ Ohio

Tondra has been a life saver helping getting our son into a treatment center and getting him the help he needs. She is a caring and amazing woman. When I ever had a question, she was always available and is upfront and honest. Our son is doing well in treatment thanks to all her contacts. Anyone who needs help getting treatment, Tondra will do whatever needs to be done to get you the help you need ~Texas~